My trophy wife nightmare
Posted on: July 5, 2017, by : Ferdi Divason

Let’s face it, it is really easy to become impressed by a guy who throws his cash around. That is exactly what happened to me at Debden escorts. At the time I was one of the top escorts at the agency, and I ended up dating this guy who had plenty of money. I was rather happy in his company and he seemed to be a rather nice gent, but in the end, it all fell apart.

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I had been dating Steven for a couple of months at Debden escorts when he asked me to marry him. Sure, we had been spending lots of time together, and he had been taken me to some exciting places. I loved being with him and he would really be nice to me. But I was still a little bit surprised when he asked me to marry him and leave Debden escorts. At the same time, I was really charmed that this guy with the nice car and home wanted to marry me. He had been married before, but it sounded very much like he had been married to the wrong girl.

Anyway, we talked things over and in the end I left Debden escorts to marry Steven. Instead of getting married in the UK, we got married on a Caribbean beach. That was okay but I have to admit that I missed my family. I had always dreamed about a great big family wedding, but at the same time, I wanted to make Steven happy. After all, he was the one paying for the wedding and he was also paying for our honey moon. Yes, I loved it and we did have a good time.

When we got back home to the UK, I got in touch with my friends at Debden escorts but Steven did not really seem to like that. He pointed out that I would be really busy being a wife to him, and keeping up appearances was important to him. There was no way that he wanted his friends to know that I used to work for Debden escorts. So I settled into my trophy wife life, cleaned house and looked after myself. Steven had even bought me a gym membership as wedding present and encouraged me to go to the gym.

Steven and I used to do a lot of things together before we got married, but after the marriage, all of that changed. He still worked a lot, but when he was not working, he was at the golf club. To my surprise, he stopped taking me away on golf breaks and travelled with his friends in the end. I seemed to be some sort of back up service to his life. One day, I got fed up and told that I wanted to change things, and not just be his trophy wife. It was then he told me that I should be grateful that he had taken me away from Debden escorts. A couple of days later after a brief chat to a lawyer, I show Steven how grateful I was. The three years that I had spent with him, ended up costing him rather a bit. Would I like to be a trophy wife again? No thank you, I think that I will stick to being a bit of a gold digger in the future.

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