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Rita and Angela are my Croydon escorts

There are quite a few ladies working as Croydon escorts, but that doesn’t stop a chap from having his favorite Croydon escorts. I have date quite a few Croydon escorts over the last few years. My job as a long haul pilot makes it easy for me to pop into Croydon quite a bit, and […]

These Games mean Fun and a Lot of It

Life is by no means easy. A tight schedule is what almost everyone has to live by. Hence, there is always this dire necessity of a break of few minutes. Sometimes, all one wants to do is play games. They choose this over watching T.V and reading books. However, sometimes games cause more worries than … Continue reading

Romantic Game Apps available in the Android Market

Sometimes, one gets terribly bored and has no idea what to do. One might have exhausted themselves with mundane things like watching TV, Reading a book, playing games etc. However, when it comes to playing games for a break, one shouldn’t play serious games that require a lot of concentration. Fun games such as a … Continue reading

Truth or Dare Game Apps for Adults

Thinking games are very good for sharpening yourself. These sports are not only helpful for the youngsters and kids, but for the mature persons and the vintage people as well. These days when life is so engaging and hectic, memory loss is a foremost difficulty which is widespread amidst the mature persons. Numerous matured people … Continue reading

DARE TWO Launch a New Couple Game App for Android Users

DareTwo has released a new couple game onto Android which up until now was never actually announced. This new game is completely for couple which is full of romantic ideas for those moments when you desire to spend a little bit of time together, but required a little help to make that special romantic mood. … Continue reading

XXX Truth or Dare’s games

XXX Truth or Dare TM, Multi Award Nominee for their Adult Games have now joined forces with “Holli and Michael”, the God Parents of Swingers around the world to help bring interaction, communication and sexual awareness to couples and singles alike. HandM-XXX2“We are so very proud to have Holli and Michael collaborate with us in guiding … Continue reading

xxx Truth or Dare For the Girls

Remember when you were in high school and you had a slumber party at a friend’s house and the best part of the night was always when you all decided it was time to play truth or dare? I do. I remember when I was a cheerleader and we were always sleeping over at each … Continue reading

Sexy XXX Truth or Dare Games

(LOS ANGELES, Calif. — April 4th, 2012) XXX Truth or Dare’s great new addition has arrived! The company behind XXX Truth or Dare has unveiled its latest product: Duo Cards.  These super sexy and very erotic cards are a great addition to the existing XXX Truth or Dare Game, but instead focus on a more intimate … Continue reading