3 reasons not to smoke
Posted on: August 22, 2016, by : Ferdi Divason

Talks about the dangers of smoking has long been turned into a banal repetition of statements, that don’t have an impact on smokers. Unfortunately, the average age of smokers is constantly getting younger – teenagers start smoking from 10 years! Because of this background, smoking discussion does not seem to be something useless and unnecessary. Thus, together with a girl, Candys, from https://charlotteaction.org/east-ham-escorts East Ham Escorts we will consider the reasons not to smoke.

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It is sad, but it is not enough to understand why you should quit smoking. We must really want to stop to poison ourselves with tobacco. For many people, fear becomes the main obstacle: it may seem that life without cigarettes will be dark, or loose its meaning. There is no surprise: not all cigarettes are being smoked “just because people want to”. They become an indispensable component of life, they act as “pauses” in life, they are used when waiting for the transport, when drinking coffee, when meeting with friends and so on.. Thus, tells Candys from East Ham Escorts, if you want to quit, but do not rush to take the plunge, be sure to refer to the motivators or ask the advices of other experienced people.


Here we will list 3 main reasons that can act as incentives for you to stop smoking:


Hatred of the society.  Even if you are a “intelligent” smoker, even if don’t smoke in public places and don’t throw cigarettes on the streets and from the balcony, you will still get your dose of disapproval from society. However, most smokers still smoke in public places, so you will be automatically assigned to a number of uncivilized people – suggests Candys from East Ham Escorts. Moreover, no matter how you treat the opinion of others, the trend is now developing in such a way that smoking is unfashionable. “Normal people don’t smoke”.


The next reason to stop smoking for Candys from East Ham Escorts is to be proud of yourself. It is not easy, but if you win, you will be overflowing in pride, believe me! You did it! Moreover, your success will contribute to other spheres’ development, will help you to change your life for the better, and will rise you morally. Your success will inspire you to do something more, something that you always wanted to do, but was never able to do. Each victory gives a person strength and confidence, and he gains the power for further actions. Quitting smoking is a big win. Isn’t it wonderful – to be proud of yourself?


And the last reason to stop smoking, mentioned by Candys from East Ham Escorts, is your health. One of the most compelling reasons that most people for some reason ignore. Usually smokers find excuses, telling stories. For example, they might say: “their grandfather smoked all his life and lived for 94 years”. Even so, these grandparents on one hand can be taken as an example, but on the other hand – they are usually exceptions, that don’t fit the overall statistics.

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